Flexy Hybrid Gel Polish (54)

Flexy is the latest hybrid gel polish from Silcare. Flexy hybrid gels are intensively pigmented, easy to apply and have flexible properties. Perfect for problematic nails as they flex with your nail bed. 

Be Sexy with Flexy!

The hybrid has an ideal shine, good adhesion, is elastic and softens off in acetone in just 3 minutes.

Play with colours, catch the moment. 


Elastic properties (due to carefully selected oligomers)

Intensively pigmented (a solid dose of energetic colours)

Perfect adhesion (bonds with base-coat through hydrogen bonding)

Ideal for LED and EV-LED lamps (high quantum efficiency)

Problem-free curing (due to effective photo-initiators)

Soak off in 3 minutes with acetone.

How to use:  Always shake bottles before use. Apply Gel Base Coat, 1 or 2 layers of Flexy Gel Polish. Do not wipe with a Cleaner. Finish with Gel Top Coat.

Flexy cures in 30 seconds under high quality LED and UV-LED lamps. Curing time will increase using lower powered lamps.

Colour: North Sky 54

Capacity: 4.5g

Made in EU.

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Flexy Hybrid Gel Polish (54)

  • Brand: Silcare
  • Product Code: FHG54
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £3.00

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