Oulac All in One Gel Nail Prep Cleanser Wipes (50 Packs)


Oulac All in One Nail Prep & Gel Cleanser Wipes. 

No Spills, No Mess, No Waste. 

The Most convenient way to Prep and Clean Gel Polish. 

Ready-to-use nail wipes sanitize and clean nails. The wipes are also used as finishing wipes, to remove sticky gel residues, leaving a high shine finish.

Nail prep & gel cleaner wipe all-in-one. Disposable, soft, strong, and lint free. These come pre soaked in a lighlty fragranced cleanser solution, no bottles of smelly chemicals required.

Oulac Cleanser Wipes can be used with ALL brands of Gel or Gelish Polish including CND, Bluesky, Harmony, CCO.

Nail Prep: Unfold and wipe each hand and nail for 10-15 seconds. 

Gel Cleanser: Unfold and wipe nail to remove the sticky residue, leaving a high shine finish.

Each foil pack contains enough wipes for one full application. 50 packs. 

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Oulac All in One Gel Nail Prep Cleanser Wipes (50 Packs)

  • Brand: Oulac
  • Product Code: OLCW50
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £12.00

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